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  “This is a season no dance lover can afford to miss.” – New York Post


” ——《名利场》

  “Fifty years into his genius, more than 100 dances to his name, Paul Taylor is the greatest choreographer in the world.” – Vanity Fair

  “泰勒舞者跳舞之时,便是美国精神腾飞之际。” ——《旧金山记事报》

  “The American spirit soars whenever Taylor’s dancers dance.” – San Francisco Chronicle

  “我们爱保罗•泰勒及其舞蹈,理由是他的舞者们运动起来的那种一泻千里的能量与全情投入的状态。” ——《纽约观察家》

  “Why do we love Paul Taylor? (Not the man, although we love him too, but the work.) There’s the all-out-energy and commitment with which his dancers move.” – The New York Observer


  “Paul Taylor is often most serious when he is at his funniest.” – The New York Times

  “如今依然健在的编舞家中最具创造活力、最为多才多艺之人。……世界上为数寥寥、毫无异议的伟大舞蹈团之一。” ——《纽约邮报》

  “The most inventive and versatile choreographer alive today … One of the few indisputably great dance companies in the world.” – New York Post

  “保罗泰勒是一位编舞家。保罗泰勒是一个舞蹈团。但保罗泰勒还是一种观看舞蹈的方式,以及一种观察生活的方式。” ——美国《舞蹈杂志》

  “Paul Taylor is a choreographer. Paul Taylor is a dance company. But Paul Taylor is also a way of looking at dance, and a way of looking at life.” – Dance Magazine

  “保罗•泰勒舞蹈团让我们眼花缭乱,心绪轻松。” ——美国《底特律新闻》

  “The Paul Taylor Dance Company dazzles the eye and lightens the heart.” – Detroit News

  “健在的美国编舞家中,保罗•泰勒无疑是最伟大的。他的动作激情荡漾,他的节奏抑扬顿挫,他的青春活力与乐观精神堪称纯粹的美国风格,而这一切则为美国的舞蹈制定了标准。” ——《旧金山考察家报》

  “Paul Taylor is without question the greatest living American choreographer. Taylor’s emphasis on emotion within actual movement, the rhythmic vitality of his accents, his all-American youthfulness and optimism, all have set standards for American dance.”

  – San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle

  “保罗•泰勒舞蹈团有这位鬼才领军,一举一动均表现出里程碑式的品位。” ——加拿大《蒙特利尔公报》

  “The Paul Taylor Dance Company, led by a wizard, shows monumental taste in everything it does.” – The Montreal Gazette


  “Paul Taylor is the reigning master of modern dance.” –- Time Magazine

  “在各种艺术形式中,泰勒都堪称最机敏的社会观察家之一,他掌握了一种秘诀,能用一目了然的舞蹈形式去捕捉一个时代……然后将它巧妙把玩,变成对大众及其生活的评说。” ——《华盛顿邮报》

  “Taylor, one of the most astute social observers in any art form, has a knack for taking the dominant dance form of an era and … twisting it into a commentary on the people and their lives.” –- The Washington Post

  “在这个后9.11的世界里,许多艺术家都在竭力表现这个人类悲剧,以及随后发生在我们这个西方世界的种种变化。捕捉21世纪初的时代精神是个具有挑战性的任务……保罗•泰勒在从事编舞近半个世纪后,带着如此的从容,起身迎接了这个挑战,因而足以令人肃然起敬……泰勒的作品不仅在一个理性的层面上传情达意,而且触及到了人类的灵魂……泰勒是用我们这个时代的语言在诉说。” ——《伦敦舞蹈网站》

  “In a post 9/11 world, many artists are trying to come to terms with the human tragedy and the subsequent changes that have occurred in our Western world. Capturing the Zeitgeist of the early 21st Century is a challenging task … After nearly half a century of choreographing, Paul Taylor rises to the challenge with such ease, it is awe inspiring…Taylor’s work not only communicates on an intellectual level, it touches the human soul… Taylor is speaking the language of our time.” –- LondonDance.com

  “世界上最优秀的编舞家。” ——《纽约每日新闻》

  The best choreographer in the world. –- New York Daily News

  “保罗泰勒成为伟大编舞家的部分原因是,在他的抒情舞蹈中,也能带上一些微不足道却令人好奇的急转弯,然后则在你的心头上使劲地揪上一把。” ——纽约《村之声》

  “Part of what makes him a great choreographer is the curious little twists in his lyrical dances and the way his monsters tug at your heart.” –- The Village Voice

  “看到保罗•泰勒编舞的精彩绝伦,其舞者阐释的全心、全神、全身,我已是习以为常。……泰勒的舞者们好得无与伦比。泰勒的舞蹈在讨论光明、仁爱、笑话、黑暗和恐怖时则是一丝不苟的。对我来说,他在评说人类生存条件方面,是最善于侃侃而谈、目光犀利和诗情画意之人。我对他创作的每个舞蹈,都要表示敬意……在爱上泰勒作品36年后,我要像对亲朋好友那样,向他的舞蹈致敬,而这些作品则无休止地给了我们以惊喜,并深刻地影响了我们。” ——英国《金融时代》

  “No surprise, in view of the splendours of the choreography and the whole-hearted, whole-spirited, whole-bodied interpretations by his dancers. … after 36 years of loving Taylor’s work, I greet his dances as one does a dear and honoured friend. But a friend, nonetheless, who keeps on surprising and affecting us.” – The Financial Times


  “A living legend that fulfils all expectations with good measure….Taylor is a keen-sighted depicter of mankind.” – Lanstidningen Sodertalje



  “It has grandeur, majesty and a spiritual dimension. I is also quiet simply one of the best dance works choreographed by Paul Taylor.” – The New York Tines

  “《生命之火》首演的2002年,就在《纽约时报》首席舞评家安娜•吉赛尔科芙评选的“本年度的10大舞蹈”中荣登榜首,理由是“保罗•泰勒用这个气势恢弘的挽歌式作品超越了自己,其建筑般的壮美成为再生的比喻。人们很容易把这部由美国舞蹈节委约、泰勒舞蹈团表演的作品,看作是对9.11袭击做出的反应,而他则和着巴赫的音乐,建造起自己的人性教堂,并唤起了一种更加辉煌的精神境界。” ——《纽约时报》

  “Paul Taylor outdid himself with this magnificent elegiac work whose architectonics became a metaphor for regeneration, It is easy to see this piece, commissioned for the Taylor company by the American Dance Festival as a response to the Sept. 11 attacks: building his human cathedra to the sound of Bach, Mr. Taylor evokes a grander spiritual dimension.” – The New York Tines

  “《生命之火》这个标题的核心思想——‘那种你能用来重新点燃光明的火’,引自莎士比亚的名作《奥赛罗》,而保罗•泰勒则对它稍做了修改。不过,与奥赛罗那位惨遭厄运的新娘苔丝德蒙娜不同,泰勒的种种人物似乎总能死而复生。” ——美国《明星记事报》

  “The title and an accompanying epigraph – ‘fire that can thy light relume’ – derive from Shakespeare, as Taylor slightly alters a quotation from ‘Othello.’ Unlike Othelo’s unlucky bride, Desdemona, however, Taylor’s characters seem capable of returning to life.” –- The Star-Ledger 欧建平 摘译



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